Mike Wiggins for Mayor August 25th, 2008

Developed a representation of Mike Wiggin's 2008 campaign for mayor of Pensacola, Florida. Responsibilities included design, implementation, client interaction, and site content updates.

Site Design and Layout  Custom Graphic Development  Site Hosting  SEO Search Engine Optimization  Website Maintenance  Markup Validation

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Mike Wiggins for Mayor Campaign website

Pensacola Blues July 1st, 2008

High-end fashion outfitter Pensacola Blues has been bringing luxury apparel to the Gulf Coast via their retail outlets. Pensacola Blues came to Holley Grove to design their website which demands edgy material and flawless delivery. Holley Grove developed a complete online retail system, site-wide themes, graphics, photography, photo shoots, hosting, and much more.

Site Design and Layout  Custom Graphic Design and Development  Site Hosting  SEO Search Engine Optimization  Website Maintenance  Markup Validation  Photography  RSS News Feeds

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Pensacola Blues Jean Boutique and high end fashion retail store

Pensacola Business August 23rd, 2007

Tapping into the diverse business community in the Pensacola Florida metropolitan area, Holley Grove developed and sponsored, a full-featured business resource for Pensacola. Catering to host of business sizes, helps local businesses in Pensacola gain exposure through the web and a powerful, all-inclusive website. Holley Grove developed the dynamic site, graphics, advertising campaigns, billboards, and hosting.

Site Design and Layout  Custom Graphic Development  Site Hosting  SEO Search Engine Optimization  Website Maintenance  Markup Validation  Photography  RSS News Feeds  Email Portal  Administration Portal  E-Commerce  Website Statistics  Multimedia

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Pensacola Online Business Community

UPM Products April 1st, 2007

UPM Products is a complete, online shopping and order processing solution. Built completely from scratch to the client's existing business model, UPM Products offers online order processing, instant UPS shipping estimation, returns, customer management, accounting software integration, product administration, and dedicated server hosting. UPM is an international order processing and distribution center.


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UPM Products Healthy Living online retail store

Grove Admin January 1st, 2007

Grove Admin is a Windows® application that allows users to connect to a Holley Grove website and export desired data to an Excel or CSV file. Grove Admin is custom developed for Holley Grove website customers and is designed to query the database for code and execution instructions, enabling Holley Grove to update the functionality of the application through the database, easing deployment restrictions.


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Grove Admin exort with ease from any data driven website.

United Pro Media October 10th, 2006

Holley Grove was contracted to help with graphic design and back-end development on the large international orders and distributed accounting system United Pro Media. Holley Grove provided services ranging from development to technical expertise to architecture and design.


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United Pro Media, LLC Distribution of healthly living products


  • Web Page / Layout Design
  • Graphic / User Interface Design
  • Software Development
  • Hosting / Dedicated Server
  • E Commerce Integration
  • Email Portal
  • News Feed Portal
  • SEO & SEM
  • Photography
  • Website Maintenance
  • Database Management
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  • Documentation
  • Website / Server Statistics
  • Webpage Markup Validation
  • Multimedia