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Last modified: December 5th, 2007

Pensacola Blues Redesign
Web Design

Pensacola Blues releases their redesigned website just in time for the holiday shopping season. The new release concentrates on the absolute latest fashion news and events to keep visitors informed of where the hottest trends are heading. Holley Grove worked closely with Pensacola Blues to translate their uncompromising style into a perfect graphical art form of presentation on the web.

Here's some screenshots of the new site:

Main Page brands

Fashion News

And proving that we don't always get it completely right the first time, here's an example screenshot of our first iteration of the redesign:

Main Page

While clean and useable, in this particular case, the customer was looking for an edgier, more high-profile feel to their site. We listened carefully, responded, and came up with a beautiful design they can be proud of.

Last modified: November 9th, 2007

Pensacola Community Calendar
Web Design

Holley Grove continues its strong commitment to the local Pensacola community by releasing a free online community calendar for Pensacola. The calendar is provided as an online outlet for information on upcoming local events. Registered users can post their own event information including an event description, contact information, location, and even a link to the event's website free of charge!

Event postings should be limited to local, non-duplicate, accurate events. However, as with the site's business listings, you don't have to be the organizer or owner of an event to post it's information, feel free to post any event information you think might benefit the community! The calendar is already starting to fill up, so be sure to add your favorite events as soon as you can! You might also want to check out the new events RSS feed which will allow you to subscribe to the entire community calendar, and be automatically notified the instant new events are added!

Last modified: October 26th, 2007

Pensacola Forums
Web Design

Holley Grove is strongly committed to the local Pensacola community, and to helping continue to grow the Pensacola area. That's why we've released, a brand-new, completely free forum for discussing everything related to Pensacola. Unlike other forums, Pensacola Forum is completely local, free, and un-censored. We simply wanted to give the community a platform for discussing local issues and making their voices heard without any strings attached or censorship. Feel free to visit the forums anytime and voice your opinions!

Last modified: August 24th, 2007 Live!
Web Design

Holley Grove proudly releases, a complete online business solution for local, small to mid-sized businesses. offers directory listings, local business news, job listings, and business advertising space all in a user-editable, dynamic website. Users can list their own businesses, add features, post jobs, and change their business information online, instantly, at any time. is truly a site who's content is determined by Pensacola Business owners for the entire Pensacola community!

We've already started advertising the resource locally via billboards and flyers... and the response thus far has been HUGE. We'd like to thank the entire Pensacola community for helping to build such a great business resource for this area! was designed, developed, and is hosted by Holley Grove.

Last modified: June 13th, 2007

Web Design

We did it! We've already begun design on! We would like to first thank all of you for your interest in the site and it's future plans so far. We just wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions about the site that have come up, give you a status update on the development, and share with you some of our ideas for the site.

Pensacola Business is intended to be a completely dynamic website that will allow the Pensacola community (business and otherwise) to actively participate in a community-oriented business website created especially for Pensacola. Pensacola Business will have continually updating news and information about Pensacola, as well as user submitted business listings for any and all businesses in the Pensacola area!

Question: How much will it cost?

Answer: The site will only cost you as much as you and your business can afford. If you can't afford any money to list your business, that's ok, we still want your business listing anyway! Pensacola Business will have several levels of business listsings ranging from free, to standard, to premium. Our introductory prices will be free for a free (basic) listing, $19.00/yr for a standard listing, and $99.00/yr for a premium account. We can't really divulge all the differences in the price breakdowns on this page, so if you need any more detailed information, feel free to contact us.

Question: How will this site offer any advantages over other online business communities for Pensacola?

Answer: We believe Pensacola Business is different from it's competitors in a variety of important areas. The main difference is that Pensacola Business not only allows content submitted for everyday people in the Pensacola area, we welcome it! Pensacola Business will also offer your business a home on the web without you having to worry about the details of developing, maintaining, and hosting your own website. In addition, Pensacola Business will also provide free forums, job postings, and a variety of other Pensacola-specific information.

Question: Enough already, when is the site going to be released???

Answer: We are shooting for a beta release of the site around the first of July. If you're interested in advertising your business on Pensacola, please let us know via our contact form or by sending us an email and we will contact you with prices and information upon the release of the site.

Last modified: April 4th, 2007 Release!
Web Design

UPM Products releases, an online retail warehouse specializing in health and wellness products. UPMProducts is the home for many excellent products such as Turbo Trim, MEGA Mangosteen, Water Filtration Bottle, and Folmax-B-12.

UPM Products allows shoppers to quickly and easily browse the over 50 different products available from the site. includes many specialized administration features that allow most products to be shipped the same or next day they are ordered. was designed, developed, and is hosted by Holley Grove.

Last modified: March 29th, 2007

Grove Admin 0.8.0

Grove Admin is a Windows ® application that allows website administrators and even average users to access Holley Grove websites from their computer quickly and easily. Grove Admin allows you to instanlty connect to your existing website server and extract data to Excel instantly and effortlessly! See for more details.

Note, this release contains a number of bug fixes as well as improved connection speed and stability.

Last modified: March 21st, 2007 Release!
Web Design

Transaction Solutions releases, a corporate website that offers visitors a wide-range of company information and services. Transaction Solutions is a payment processing company that combines fast customer service with industry-leading technology and pricing, providing their customers with the best payment processing experience in the industry!

As well as offering company information and services to it's visitors, also offers an integrated administration portal with site statistics, file managers, site management, and an integrated news section.

Here's what some of the good people and Transaction Solutions had to say about working with Holley Grove:

Holley Grove Software Designs is an excellent partner to have in the technology industry. We were very impressed with the knowledge, expertise, and capability of the firm. Landon and Chris are great to work with and we are very pleased with the outcome of the site. We highly recommend Holley Grove to anyone looking for a top-notch web precense.

-Matt, Jason, & Forrest: Transaction Solutions, LLC.

Last modified: February 8th, 2007 Release!
Web Design

Pensacola Blues releases an online retail site that offers visitors the latest in high-end fashion items.

From the press release:

Pensacola Blues announces the release of it's online retail distribution site: The website is designed to spread the business's local charm to local and nation-wide Internet users. Developed by a local web, software, and media development firm Holley Grove Software Designs, the website will offer a variety of items that are carried in the store as well as some specialty items not available in-store.

And here's some screenshots for good measure:

The main page:
Main Page
Shop by brands:
Viewing an item:
Administration portal:

Last modified: January 24th, 2007

Web Design

Partnering with United Pro Media, Holley Grove has been contracted as the sole architect and developer for the new retail warehouse UPM

Starting from scratch, Holley Grove is designing a completely custom layout and database schema for the site that will grow with the company's needs. Paired with a brand new dedicated server furnished and supported by Holley Grove, boasts such extras as the HG News Mailer, Grove Admin, complete website statistics, instant credit card approval, UPS integration, and a complete web administration portal.

UPM Products.comOur design team hasn't been a slouch either. Hard at work developing a fresh look and feel to the site, our designers have also completed new photography for the entire product line as well as custom logos, graphics, and site elements.

Last modified: December 18th, 2006

Transaction Solutions
Web Design

Holley Grove has been contracted to help design and develop Transaction Solutions, LLC's online website and company information portal.

Transaction Solutions, LLC is a credit card processing company offering services to a variety of local and regional businesses. Based in Pensacola Florida, Transaction Solutions, LLC. is widely known for a stellar customer service reputation, and wants to extend that reputation to include an industry-leading online presence.

Holley Grove has been contracted to develop Transaction Solutions, LLC's external site as well as a secure administration portal allowing the company to use the site internally to contact customers, update site information, and store and distribute company data.

Last modified: October 31st, 2006

Business Profile Article
Web Design

NWF Business ClimateThe Northwest Florida Business Climate magazine published an article on Holley Grove in their November 2006 edition. The article gives some nice insight into our business, employees, and vision.

This was our first magazine article publication, and I must say, we really enjoyed the whole process. Ballinger publishing was very professional and made the entire process very simple for us.

From the article:

The company [Holley Grove]'s unusual twist is its equal emphasis to both sides of the computer screen. They do this by integrating visually appealing graphic artistry, innovative user-friendly technology and customized business support services to help each client accomplish its online presence.

Last modified: September 29th, 2006

Grove Admin 0.7

Holley Grove announces release 0.7 of the Grove Admin Windows ® application for use with Holley Grove websites.

Grove Admin allows website users to access their website's MySQL data directly from their Windows ® computers. Website data can then be viewed and exported directly to Excel ® spreadsheets. Grove Admin is available from and is distributed under the GPL. Other versions of Grove Admin are available which allow users to run reports, modify data, create charts, and much, much more.

Last modified: September 29th, 2006

Pensacola Blues Graphic Adverstisement
Graphic Design

Holley Grove was selected to help launch an ad campaign for Pensacola Blues. This project consisted of conducting a photo shoot on location at a Pensacola landmark restaurant.

PB AdOnce the photos were processed, our design experts combined and perfected the photos and were able to create a captivating advertisement. The digital advertisement can also be seen on screens at Rave Motion Pictures.

Last modified: September 29th, 2006

Pensacola Blues Website Design
Web Design

Holley Grove was contracted to design a complete online solution for boutique jean seller Pensacola Blues.

Starting from scratch with plenty of artistic freedom, our design team enjoyed developing custom graphics and logos that fit well within the artistic world of high-end fashion. All images used for the site were developed from scratch by our design experts.

Our engineering team developed a complete administration portal that allows store managers to process orders, update brands, sizes, products, and even product images. The administration portal allows for the site owners to have complete control over every aspect of the site, and thus can maintain the site themselves.